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At MIOG we genuinely care about our patients, and our approach is comprehensive, compassionate and fully personalised

Our Process

1. Initial consultation.

This is a detailed client history taking session and an opportunity for us to learn as much as we can about your current health status, cancer type, past, present or future treatment options, medical team, and current health and lifestyle habits.

2. Preparation of a personalised Integrative Oncology Plan (IOP).

Integrative Oncology is a highly specialised area and requires a significant amount of research and due diligence. The creation of an IOP can take between 3-7 hours and requires a detailed analysis of your pathology tests, imaging and other medical information, as well as targeted research regarding suitable Complementary Medicines for your situation, cancer and treatment type, genetic makeup, and symptomatology. Only once this process is completed will the practitioner be able to make clinical decisions and recommendations for you to follow.

Specifically, your IOP will include information such as:

  • What do we know about the hallmarks of cancer and it's progression?
  • Information regarding your particular cancer type
  • General dietary recommendations for cancer patients
  • Specific 'functional foods' for that patient's particular cancer type these are specific foods that have shown benefit in the research
  • (*note for a fully personalised meal plan, an appointment with our Nutritionist is required)
  • Summary of current medications: drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions
  • Suggested plan of Complementary Medicines including their mechanism of action
  • Summary of recommended supplementation
  • Other evidence-based recommendations regarding your cancer type with potential referral to other services (either at MIOG or externally)
  • Information for carers: how you can help your loved one through their cancer process.
  • If required we may, with your permission, liaise with your current healthcare team (such as GP, medical oncologist, pharmacist or other medical staff) regarding your suggested treatment plan.


3. Consultation to present and discuss your Integrative Oncology Plan.

Your IOP will include technical jargon and clinical recommendations that will be explained in detail, so that you are left feeling informed and empowered. We encourage you to bring along a close family member or carer to the follow-up appointment in order to both support you and be informed regarding our recommendations and support plans.

4. Ongoing follow up and review, as required.

Our approach is long term and supportive, so it is important we work together continuously to achieve the best outcomes and quality of life for you. It is vital that we stay abreast of any treatment or symptom changes in order to adjust dosing and ensure ongoing safety, suitability and efficacy. For patients in active treatment, we highly recommend visits after every cycle to allow for blood test and other review to ensure we are providing the support you need and deserve.


Other Information

Please speak to our reception staff about our current schedule of fees.

Additional Expenses:
Please note - sometimes we may recommend further testing, which would incur additional fees (payable directly to the pathology lab). These tests provide further information for targeted clinical decision making however they are by no means compulsory. Test examples include Dried Urinary Hormone analysis, Cortisol testing, Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analyses, Hair Mineral Analyses, or RGCC testing as applicable.

Referrals to other practitioners within MIOG may be appropriate depending on the level of support required. For example, some types of cancer require specific or restrictive diets that must be tailored to the individual. For patients with Gliomas/Glioblastomas, regular Nutritionist consultations are required for appropriate support and implementation of a Ketogenic diet. 

Concession Rates and Payment Plans
We try to keep our services accessible to all patients, and concession rates may be applicable. For concession card holders, or for a possibility of a payment plan, please feel free to contact us.

To help us understand your health, please complete our New Patient Request Form before booking your first appointment.

The practice will contact you about your first appointment. If you have already made a new patient appointment and need to reschedule, please call 03 9571 7498.


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10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects
10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects

MIOG offers evidence-based Complementary Medicines to patients with cancer: before, during and after medical treatment. MIOG staff are not Medical Oncologists. MIOG recommends that patients with cancer consult a Medical Oncologist for appropriate support.



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