Privacy Policy

MIOG takes your privacy seriously

All patient information is private and confidentiality of patient information is maintained at all times.

The rights of every MIOG patient are respected. All information collected by this clinic in providing a health service is deemed to be private and confidential.

This Practice complies with federal and state privacy regulations including the Privacy Act (1998), the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act (2000) and Victorian Health Records Act (2001).

Patients medical records are medico-legal documents and are not to be left where they could be viewed by others, especially on the reception desk.

Patient information is not to be discussed with or shown to staff members unless this is required for the reasonable provision of patient care. Patient conditions should not be discussed within the hearing of others. Patient information cannot be disclosed to the families of patients or any other party unless the patient or their authorised representative has given consent (in writing if applicable).

Under no circumstances are employees of this clinic to discuss or in any way reveal patient conditions or documentation to unauthorised staff, colleagues, other patients, family or friends, whether at the clinic or outside it, such as in the home or at social occasions. This includes patient's accounts, referral letters or other clinical documentation. Staff are aware of confidentiality requirements for all patient encounters and recognise that significant breaches of confidentiality may provide grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.

Every employee of this clinic is aware of the privacy policy and has signed a privacy statement as part of their terms and conditions of employment. This privacy statement continues to be binding on employees even after their employment has terminated.

Each patient has the right to access to their personal information kept by the practice, in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1998) & Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act (2000). If you would like your records sent to another doctor a signed request must be sent from that doctor before a record is released. You may access your records; however, an administration fee may be associated with its release to cover costs.

For further information please request to see our privacy policy or visit or Health Services Commissioner Tel: 8601-5200.

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What Clients say

Tanya appears to understand my illness very well, she is very easy to communicate with and knowledgeable in the field of oncology. 

- Robynne

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MIOG offers evidence-based Complementary Medicines to patients with cancer: before, during and after medical treatment. MIOG staff are not Medical Oncologists. MIOG recommends that patients with cancer consult a Medical Oncologist for appropriate support.



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