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Psycho-oncology is a specialist area of psychology that focuses on the psychological, social and behavioural aspects of cancer. It addresses the psychological responses that cancer patients and their families may experience at all stages of the disease, as well as the psychological, behavioural and social factors that may influence the disease process.

Common reactions to cancer


  • Fatigue or sleeping problems
  • Inability to participate in daily life or enjoy once pleasurable activities


  • Worry and anxiety: these are normal reactions to stressful situations. If your anxiety is troubling you then you might like to talk to a psychologist about ways of coping with it
  • Anger and resentment: feeling angry and upset by your cancer diagnosis is not unusual and can be very distressing
  • Low mood: It is not unusual to feel low after being diagnosed with cancer or during or after treatment. Feelings of depression, sadness and grief can all contribute to feelings of enduring low mood


  • Loss of confidence

The MIOG team includes specialists in psycho-oncology. Talking over your problems and concerns with a qualified psychologist in a safe environment can help. They can provide support and information, and help you manage the challenges arising from a cancer diagnosis and treatment. They can also teach you a range of practical coping skills such as relaxation, stress-management and how to challenge self-defeating patterns.

Meet our psychologist

Our Clinical Psychologists are experienced in working with people with cancer and their families across all types and stages of cancer, from those at risk to long term survivors or end of life. Jane Fletcher and her team of Psycho-Oncology Psychologists provide MIOG patients with specialised support and care.

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What Clients say

"Professional but also made me feel so welcome. It was tough being diagnosed with cancer at only 21 but she really made the experience that little bit easier. I don't know what i would've fine without...

- Yvette

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