Acupuncture for patients with cancer

What is Acupuncture & is it safe for Cancer Patients?

Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine single use, disposable needles into surface areas on the body that can directly influence the internal organs and systems, as well as the muscles.  In the hands of a well-trained practitioner Acupuncture is considered safe for people undergoing cancer treatment and beyond and has been found to be cost effective for some conditions, with minimal side effects compared to some drugs and other interventions.

What should I expect from my first Acupuncture session?

In your first Acupuncture session in order to best treat the side effects side effects of your cancer treatments or disorders, the Acupuncturist will ask a series of questions about your medical history, your current medications, your lifestyle and your current complaints. They will then take your Chinese Medicine Pulse at three different positions on each wrist, using first gentle then stronger pressure to feel in depth. They will also ask to look at your tongue. They may also check your abdomen and test for hot and cold places on your arms and legs. This information will all go towards reaching a Chinese Medicine diagnosis with which to then apply Acupuncture needles your body. They will remain inserted for up to half an hour during which you can rest.

What are the Benefits of Acupuncture for Patients with Cancer?

For many years, acupuncture has been accepted as an effective part of symptom control for patients with cancer in the following ways:

  • Help control pain
  • Relieve symptoms of nausea, vomiting, fatigue and peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy
  • Improve xerostomia (dry mouth sensation) caused by radiotherapy
  • Help improve neuropathy, the pain and numbness in the limbs caused by nerve damage during cancer treatment
  • Relieve fatigue, hot flushes, anxiety, depression, constipation and diarrhoea
  • Can soften tissue and relieve pain from scarring and surgery
  • Enhance a patients' sense of well-being and relaxation

What about rebates?

If you have Private Health Insurance with extras cover that covers Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, you should be able to claim your Acupuncture treatment. 

If you have any further questions about Acupuncture in Cancer Care, or if you would like to make a booking, please contact our friendly reception team on 03 9571 7498 or complete our Contact Us form.

Our acupuncturist is highly experienced in performing gentle and pain free acupuncture for patients with cancer in Melbourne.

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10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects
10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects

MIOG offers evidence-based Complementary Medicines to patients with cancer: before, during and after medical treatment. MIOG staff are not Medical Oncologists. MIOG recommends that patients with cancer consult a Medical Oncologist for appropriate support.