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Yoga for cancer

Learn how to improve your wellness during and after treatment with our expert yoga teachers and health educators.

Yoga at MIOG

Researchers have found that practicing yoga twice a week for 75 minutes can help reduce the risk of cancer spreading or returning. After a 4 week intervention, serum inflammation markers reduced, which play a significant role in the development and progression of cancer. It has also been found to improve sleep quality and daytime functioning, improve quality of life, and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

MIOG runs regular yoga classes and workshops - keep an eye on our upcoming events here.

Other events and workshops

Living with a cancer diagnosis means creating a support network around you and looking after yourself on a physical, mental and emotional level. MIOG offers meditation, support groups and workshops to provide more wellness tools and education to support you on a holistic level.

Other regular workshop topics include:

  • Supportive therapies and lifestyle interventions
  • Nutritional intervention strategies
  • Caring for the carers: supporting loved ones
  • Mindfulness and stress reduction in cancer recovery
  • Yin & Pin: Yoga and acupuncture 

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Yoga as medicine

Posted by Claire Evans on 6 October 2023
Yoga as medicine
Did you know that yoga can help reduce the risk of cancer spreading or returning? Researchers have found that practi...
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10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects
10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects

MIOG offers evidence-based Complementary Medicines to patients with cancer: before, during and after medical treatment. MIOG staff are not Medical Oncologists. MIOG recommends that patients with cancer consult a Medical Oncologist for appropriate support.