What Our Patients say about Us?

My husband has bowl cancer and has had multiple rounds of chemo over the years. His first round of chemo was without any outside support and he had severe side effects, which impacted the whole family.  For the later rounds of chemo, we engaged Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group. You rarely come across some-one so caring and supportive as Tanya and her team, they are now an integral part of our support team alongside his treatment.  We wanted any additional support to have a science based approach that supported the chemo and minimised the side effects, both physically and mentally and we found this at MIOG.  

Tanya's treatment plan was tailor made and is reviewed throughout to keep my husbands all round health at it's best, which in turn has had an enhancing effect on our family.  We feel very blessed to have the had wonderful care and service of MIOG supporting us in our journey. We highly recommend them.      

~ Sharon Williams

I was diagnosed with locally advanced breast cancer in August 2019 and Tanya and her team have been an integral part of my support team during treatment and beyond. I wanted an integrative approach to my care and loved the science-based recommendations and thorough treatment plans provided to me every step of the way. MIOG will always be a part of my continued healthy living plan and I have had wonderful service and care every step of the way. I highly recommend them.

~ Kathryn Elliot

I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer with extensive bone and lymph metastases in 2019, and since that time have been a patient of MIOG .  Tanya has organised extensive functional testing and continues to work closely with my Medical Oncologist.  Tanya and her team have extensive expertise that is both evidence based and up to date. Thankfully I am responding very well to my ongoing treatment with minimal side effects, and, as a bonus have lost 12 kg to bring my BMI back to a healthy level. My recent scans have shown no sign of active cancer.  My Medical Oncologist is pleasantly surprised by my great response and has told me to "continue what I am doing".  Thank you Tanya, Viv and MIOG.  What price health?

~ Traci Brown

My experience with the staff at MIOG has been a very positive experience. I have metastatic breast cancer stage 4, diagnosed in December 2019. My cancer did not respond to modern medicine, so I decided to try a more natural approach for quality of life.  When making my initial inquiries with MIOG, the friendly staff made it very clear to me of what was needed and why, for them to complete a very thorough individualised plan and the costs involved.  I was also made aware that I could order the supplements recommended on the plan either through them or directly online which could be cheaper.
To my surprise, 3 months of taking supplements and diet recommendations from my individualised plan, my PET scan results have shown improvement! My specialist was also very surprised with the results and was very interested in what treatments I am taking. I cannot thank Tanya and her team enough for their excellent advice and support through this very difficult time, I am more than happy with my results so far.

~ Sharon Kirwood

We are so lucky to have Tanya and her team at MIOG with us every step of the way to help and encourage us during this very trying and frightening time.  My husband was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, a lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos 40 years ago.  With Tanya's science based approach, we felt more secure both physically and mentally. Being an integrative approach that is tailor made for each patient, my husband has the supplements and dietary advice that will support him while he has his Immunotherapy treatment.  We both want to thank Tanya and MIOG for all their help.

~ Karen Anderson

"Tanya immediately puts you at ease, even though your world has turned upside down she makes you feel like there's hope. She explains everything better than the oncologists and doctors and gives great detail on the treatment plan and why. The treatment plan that Tanya builds is very helpful too."  

~ Francesca

"I am so grateful to Tanya for her dedication to integrative oncology. I recognise that there are many reasons why working in this area is both challenging and demanding, both when working with clients and also, maybe even more so, working with oncologists. I appreciate her determination to change the way we treat and care for those, like myself, who are facing the challenge of living with and hopefully recovering from cancer. I always come away from my sessions with Tanya feeling reassured and more hopeful, thanks both to her caring qualities and her extensive understanding of the medical and integrative approaches to best practice in the treatment of cancer."

~ Belinda

"l have only been going to Tanya for a short time but l am very impressed with the help she has given me. Tanya has great knowledge on natural therapies. l feel very glad to have been treated by Tanya."

~ Ian

"Knowing that I'll be in good hands and will make a fast recovery. Compassionate approach with realistic advice on the battles ahead. Excellent and productive nutritional and lifestyle advice. Clearly explain options about other support services."

~ Gary

"Professional but also made me feel so welcome. It was tough being diagnosed with cancer at only 21 but she really made the experience that little bit easier. I don't know what i would've fine without her guidance medication and support the whole way through."

~ Yvette

"Tanya is a good listener who will show empathy to individual's situation. I will be in good hands with her as she is a great naturopath."

~ Penny

"I first saw Tanya in 2013 after being diagnosed with breast cancer but initially contacted Tanya via phone. Tanya called me and spent some time talking with me prior to our appointment and showed she was genuinely concerned as she must have sensed how scared I was and she was very empathetic and caring as well as knowledgeable in this area. I have recently come in to see Tanya about some other recent health issues after a few years, and trust Tanya and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with their health."

~ Anonymous patient

"Tanya has helped with supplements, dietary advice and communicating with oncologist specialists to help us make more informed decisions and choices. Her medical knowledge and background give us confidence to make our own choices without the persistent (and sometimes bullying) advice to follow mainstream strategies."

~ Jan

Tanya and the team at MIOG have been an enormous support for the past year in guiding us to support our 2 year old son with leukemia. We are very grateful to have found Tanya, she has provided us with brilliant advice, supplements and reassurance that has put us at ease on multiple times during the most difficult time of our lives. It takes such dedication to work within such a specialised field and we are so grateful that you do the work you do! Thank you so much! We highly recommend MIOG!

~ Candice

Having MIOG explain things in simple language and in a holistic way empowered me to ask better questions and to understand what specialists were saying. Forever grateful.

~ Heather Whitaker

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I first saw Tanya in 2013 after being diagnosed with breast cancer but initially contacted Tanya via phone. Tanya called me and spent some time talking with me prior to our appointment and showed s...

- Anonymous patient
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10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects

MIOG offers evidence-based Complementary Medicines to patients with cancer: before, during and after medical treatment. MIOG staff are not Medical Oncologists. MIOG recommends that patients with cancer consult a Medical Oncologist for appropriate support.