Our Philosophy

Introducing MIOG

Our extensively trained and experienced practitioners aim to optimise your health before, during and after treatment by offering a number of evidence-based complementary therapies. We have created a boutique healing space where you will receive genuinely personalised care.

To practice Integrative Medicine: combining the best of both words: evidence-based complementary medicine to support conventional medicine.

These fundamental values inform everything we do.

We genuinely care about our patients
Our consultations are comprehensive, and we take the time to really listen and understand. We are here to provide informative education about your cancer and be a sounding board about your evidence-based treatment options. We can advocate on your behalf with other practitioners, and fill in your knowledge gaps so that you can navigate the complex "Oncology World".

We look for challenges and provide a comprehensive and workable plan that provides a degree of control and comfort over your cancer treatments. It is our determination and dedication to this field that ensures we have an extensive understanding of the medical and integrative approaches to best practice in the treatment of cancer. We strive to give you the confidence to know you have choices in the support of your well-being.

Personalised approach
There is no "one size fits all" support plan in Integrative Oncology. Our service is tailored to your individual and unique needs. We are in partnership with you, your Medical Oncologist and other practitioners as your team that provides communication, cohesiveness and transparency. We empathise with the difficult journey of a patient with cancer and their family members and loved ones. We want to put you at ease that even though your world has been turned upside down; we are here for you with realistic advice about your treatment options.

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We are passionate Naturopaths and Allied Health Practitioners experienced in Integrative Cancer Care in Melbourne

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Posted by Claire Evans on 6 October 2023
Yoga as medicine
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What Clients Say

"Tanya is a good listener who will show empathy to individual's situation. I will be in good hands with her as she is a great naturopath." 

- Penny
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10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects
10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects

MIOG offers evidence-based Complementary Medicines to patients with cancer: before, during and after medical treatment. MIOG staff are not Medical Oncologists. MIOG recommends that patients with cancer consult a Medical Oncologist for appropriate support.