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Yoga workshop - Fridays @ 10am, 27 Oct - 15 Dec 2023

We are so excited to announce that we have Claire Evans, yoga instructor and breast cancer survivor, commencing an 8 week 'Yoga for Cancer' program at MIOG from Friday 27 October.

Research has shown that an 8 week yoga intervention reduces inflammation levels (associated with cancer development and recurrence), as well as improve sleep, daytime functioning and quality of life in patients with cancer, while also reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

It is an 8 week program that commences Friday 27 October and concludes just before Christmas on 15 December.
Classes are every Friday and start at 10am for 75 minutes. This is a small group class of about 6 participants per session.

The Yoga for Cancer Program focuses on:
- Reducing pain
- Reducing fatigue
- Reducing anxiety and depression
- Reducing inflammation
- Improving sleep quality
- Improving quality of life

* This program is also available to carers and non-oncology persons.

This is going to be a great program and we cannot wait to share the immense benefits of yoga with you.

Registrants can pay in 4 consecutive blocks ($140) or 8 weeks ($280), which is $35 per class.

To book
Please contact our reception at 03 9571 7498 or via 

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10 ways integrative medicine can reduce cancer treatment side effects

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