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Movement After Cancer

Posted by Sachini Ganhewa on 25 June 2020
Movement After Cancer
The traditional notion of resting your body to overcome cancer treatment related fatigue has been debunked a long while ago now. Instead the research is heavily supportive of exercise and movement. Research shows that moving your body during and after cancer treatment can help with: Improved mood Improved physical function Improved strength and muscle mass Improved quality of life Improved cardiovascular fitness Improved fatigue And most importantly reduce the...

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for coping with cancer

Posted by MIOG support team on 21 May 2020
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for coping with cancer
The art of tapping.
When we say "tapping" we are referring to Clinical EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a gentle, self touch technique in which we use our own fingers to tap on specific acupressure points around the face and upper body. Based on the ancient technique of acupuncture from Traditional Chinese Medicine, EFT has been combined with modern psychology and contains elements of Mindfulness, CBT, ACT, Exposure Therapy and Positive Psychology.

Mindfulness pra...

A letter to our community

Posted by Tanya Wells on 26 March 2020
A letter to our community
Dear MIOG Community. Well there goes another week where the themes are physical distancing, anxiety and uncertainty. It can be very stressful time for oncology patients, especially with treatment - induced immune effects and changes to your current treatment plans and options.  The results of efforts are looking promising, and the distancing measures are succeeding at "flattening the curve". We are, however, still at the beginning of a long road ahead. Ipatien encourage e...

Immune boosting tips

Posted by MIOG support team on 19 March 2020
Immune boosting tips
Whilst there are no magic pills you can take to protect yourself from getting sick, there are a number of things you can do to support the strength of your immune system and body's ability to manage incoming pathogens and illnesses.
Eat fresh food Vibrant plant foods are the best sources of nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are essential for your immune system to work efficiently. Forget stocking up on frozen pizzas, and instead buy fresh ingredients. If...

Breast cancer - a story of love, loss and transformation.

Posted by MIOG Community on 12 March 2020
Breast cancer - a story of love, loss and transformation.
My story is one of love, loss and transformation. It began four years ago with my husband's suicide.
I responded to his death the only way I knew how: I was stoic and resilient. After taking a couple of months off work, I went back to my executive role. I went back to competitive running. I saw a counsellor each Wednesday to "schedule" my grief, but otherwise soldiered on with life and thought I was coping really well.
Two and a half years later, in November 2018, I found a...

Decision making in times of crisis

Posted by Belinda Astl on 27 February 2020
Decision making in times of crisis
Once you receive a cancer diagnosis, everything happens very quickly. You are seen by oncologists, multiple specialists, sometimes surgeons and nurses, and you are confronted with big scary words and and statistics. A treatment approach is basically decided for you and you are thrown right into the deep end of "the world of cancer". You may not even have the time to realise that you are in crisis. Crisis
From the Greek word Krisis (decision) or Krinein (decide). The focus is ...

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All about the Thyroid

Posted by Dr Shala Rasouli on 9 July 2020
All about the Thyroid
What is the thyroid gland and what does it do? Thyroid is a highly vascularised butterfly-shaped gland that is lo...
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Tanya immediately puts you at ease, even though your world has turned upside down she makes you feel like there's hope. She explains everything better than the oncologists and doctors and gives grea...

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